Vaccines and the delta variant complicate the return of Maine’s wedding industry

Kami Rivera’s then-fiance, Ruzzo, swept her off her feet with a proposal in Paris in early 2020. But the pair’s dreams of a destination wedding or a large venue event were quickly dashed when the pandemic began weeks later.

Eighteen months after their engagement, they were married at their home in June of this year. As they planned their wedding over the winter and spring of 2021, their guest list was limited to 100 people, including vendors, due to Maine’s gathering restrictions. But when restrictions were lifted on May 24, they managed to invite extra people at the last minute.

“Everyone seemed to be really understanding that these are the times we’re in,” said Rivera, who lives in Frankfort. “We took the time to plan it right. In a world that’s super chaotic, we wanted to do something where everyone felt comfortable and safe. And we were really lucky that almost everyone could get vaccinated in time.”

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