Tips To Refrain From Looking Extremely Thin On Your Wedding Day

Wedding is an important day of our lives. However, there are a lot of things that go through our minds when the wedding day comes closer. It is a given that no matter what shape size we naturally are in, we begin to find flaws in ourselves. Some of us pick colours that won’t make our dusky skin tone look dull while some of us frantically search for lehengas that will make us look thin.

This one is for those thin ladies out there who are insecure that they might look too thin on their wedding day. First of all, stop stressing. While we have several hacks for all your problems, a last moment stress pimple is not what we look forward to. Secondly, you are beautiful, this is your day, enjoy it because there is most likely only one such day in your life!

Finally, if none of our self-love talks work for you and you do not want to look extremely thin on your big day, here are five fashion hacks for you!

Padded Blouse

a woman wearing a pink dress: padded blouse for thin brides

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padded blouse for thin brides

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A common thing that most of us face is that our cup size varies according to our body size. This is why, commonly, those who are very thin have smaller cup sizes than those who are not. A flat(or similar) chest is one of the main reasons you might look very thin on your bid day. We recommend you use a padded blouse design to create an illusion of an uplifted breast so the top of your body looks healthy and heavy!

Load The Jewelleries

a person wearing a costume: bride jewelleries for thin brides

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bride jewelleries for thin brides

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This is a simple and efficient way of distracting people from what you do not want them to see. If you really don’t want people to notice your thin arms and straight body type, load yourself up with all kinds of pieces of jewellery on all parts of your body! Your hair, hands, waist, neck, head, everywhere! This will divert the attention of the people to your jewels rather than anything else!

Wear A Can-Can(Layered) Lehenga

a girl wearing a pink dress: can can lehenga for inidan brides

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can can lehenga for inidan brides

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This is the best way to create volume to your lower body. No one will ever be able to estimate what your size is behind the dramatic puffed-up lehenga, and if that makes you feel more confident, then why not? The best part about wearing this kind of skirt at your wedding is that it never goes off-fashion, looks absolutely beautiful and is a quick fix to hide your thin structure if you have that in mind!

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Puffed-Up Sleeves

a person wearing a dress: puffed up sleeves for brides

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puffed up sleeves for brides

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This is for all those brides who have extremely thin arms and would do anything to hide them on their wedding day! We recommend you wear sleeves that are puffed up. This will make your arms stand out from the rest of your wedding dress, in a good way! Not only will it hide your thin arms but will also add a very fashionable element to your overall look!

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Organza Dupatta

A very important element of your wedding outfit is the dupatta that you are carrying along with it. Instead of investing in a chiffon dupatta, we recommend you to carry an organza one! This will look fashionable as well as add a bit of volume to your look. That is of course if you don’t think it is the right time of the year to pull of anything in velvet!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful! If you wish to read more such articles, stay tuned to HerZindagi!

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