The best mattress sales and deals for Labor Day 2021

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If you’re looking for a great mattress and a great deal, you’re in luck: Labor Day mattress sales are already in full force. A number of top brands such as Tuft & Needle, DreamCloud and Casper have rolled out steep discounts and freebies ahead of the three-day weekend. 

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At Reviewed, we’re serious about testing products, including the best mattresses. In our sleep lab, we run a gamut of tests to evaluate bounciness, motion transfer, heat retention and more. With that in mind, here are the best Labor Day sales you can shop right now. 

1. 10% off: Tuft & Needle 

There's nothing quite like catching some ZZZ's on an ultra comfy mattress.

We love the Tuft & Needle Original mattress for its firm but slightly supple sleep surface. The all-foam mattress is great for people who tend to sleep on their stomach and back, as it provides ample support for the spine.

During its Labor Day sale, you can score at least 10% off any Tuft & Needle mattress, with the Original starting at $580.50 for a twin and a queen size ringing up at $805.50.

The company also sells the slightly softer Mint mattress. Though we haven’t tested it, Tuft & Needle recommends it for anyone who prefers a less firm sleep surface—which might make it better for side sleepers, in particular. It’s currently 15% off and starts at $633.25 for a twin and $1,015.25 for a queen. 

Shop the Tuft & Needle Sale

2. Save $300: Leesa

We think everyone will love the Leesa Hybrid, and that it's worth every penny.

Leesa is the manufacturer of our Upgrade Pick, the Leesa Hybrid. It’s one of the best mattresses we’ve tested, but it also carries a steeper price. Our tester loved the mattress for its firm but forgiving surface that she felt was well-suited for all sleep positions. 

Through Labor Day, the Leesa Hybrid is up to $300 off, with a queen ringing up at $1,549 (a savings of $250). King and California king sizes see the steepest price cut at $1,699—$300 off their MSRP. In addition to getting two free pillows with your purchase, you can also save on bundles with mattresses and bases.  

The Leesa Hybrid was one of a handful that worked surprisingly well for side and stomach sleeping, which require different amounts of support. It was firm enough to keep our tester’s lumbar spine from feeling worse for wear, but soft enough for cradling the pressure points at her hips and shoulders. What’s more, the mattress kept fairly cool in both her experience and in our lab assessments. 

Shop the Leesa Sale 

3. Save $400: Awara

The Awara Mattress has great edge support and a firm, but comfortable, sleep surface.

Looking for something that ships straight to your door but feels more like a traditional innerspring mattress? The Awara organic luxury hybrid mattress may fit the bill—and the brand is offering $400 off its mattresses and $499 worth of accessories.

We found it has a firmer surface and phenomenal edge support (meaning the sides don’t collapse when you sit or lie down on them). Another upshot? The Awara is made with latex foam, which is cooler than most memory foams. Sure enough, our testers think it’s a great choice for those who run warm. 

The company makes eco-friendly claims, too, and its Labor Day sale keeps that at the forefront. Awara says it will “plant ten trees for a farmer in need” for every mattress purchased during Labor Day weekend. Though we couldn’t vet the offer and how it selects farmers, no other company featured any sustainability measures in conjunction with sales for the weekend. 

Shop the Awara Sale 

4. 30% off: Amerisleep 

You can save up to $700 on the most popular Amerisleep mattress.

For those eyeing a hybrid, the Amerisleep AS3 mattress is a super firm option. It pairs a sturdy core with a supple upper layer for the best of both worlds. (Our tester, who prefers firmer mattresses in general, still found it took a few days to acclimate to this one.) 

You can save up to 30% and receive a handful of freebies with your purchase. The twin size AS3 is $804 with the discount, and goes up to $1,328 for a regular or California king. The company is one of a few that offers a split king ($1,678). Twin or full-size mattresses come with one cooling pillow, and larger sizes come with two. 

The Amerisleep has reasonable edge support and stays fairly cool, though it isn’t quite as good as the Awara and a few others. 

Shop the Amerisleep Sale  

5. Save $299: Nectar

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is super soft for side-sleepers.

The Nectar mattress was previously our best mattress overall. When we recently revisited it, our tester felt it was comfortable and especially good for people who tend to sleep on their side and want a mattress that can cushion their shoulders and hips.

Now through Labor Day, you can save $299 on twin and full size mattresses and $399 on larger sizes. In addition, you’ll score a bundle of freebies valued at $399 that includes a mattress protector, cooling pillow and sheet set. 

Side sleepers will be pleased to learn that the Nectar Mattress doesn’t tend to retain heat. In fact, it’s among the coolest foam mattresses we’ve tested. This makes it a great choice for folks who sleep warm but like this material. 

Shop the Nectar Sale 

6. Save $250: Avocado 

Avocado Green Mattress review

Eco-conscious shoppers should consider the Avocado Green mattress. For Labor Day, Avocado is offering $150 off the Green mattress and other models with the code LABORDAY. You can also get $250 off the Luxury Plush mattress with code LUXE250

The Green mattress is made with latex rather than fossil fuel-based foams. Not to mention, this brand has the most environmental and material certifications of the brands and mattresses we’ve tested. Its other components include cotton (the outermost fabric on the bed) and wool, which provides a flame retardant barrier that helps regulate temperature, too. 

In our experience, the mattress is very responsive—meaning the surface layer feels springy and supportive. If you’re looking for a sinking-in or cuddled sensation, there are better options out there. 

Shop the Avocado Sale 

7. 15% off: Casper 

The Casper Element is just one of several Casper mattresses you can score on sale during Amazon Prime Day 2021.

Casper is a well-known and well-loved brand—especially by podcast listeners, who often hear ads for it during shows. In our testing, the Casper Original mattress didn’t fare exceptionally well. On the other hand, Reviewed’s editor-in-chief has owned—and loved—his Casper mattress for years. He still swears by it, which just goes to show how personal and variable mattress preferences are. 

Casper is offering a great deal on its mattresses in the weeks leading up to (and over) Labor Day weekend. Its mid-tier and premium offerings, the Nova Hybrid and Wave Hybrid, are 15% off, starting at $1,016 and $1,356 respectively. Though we haven’t tested these options, it’s likely that with springs they’ll be more supportive than the Original mattress, which is all foam. 

Shop the Casper Sale

8. Save $300: Puffy

The Puffy Lux mattress is a great choice for people who prefer softer sleeping surfaces and cradling sensations.

Puffy previously had two models of the Puffy Lux, an all-foam version and a hybrid. We tested the all-foam version, which has since been discontinued. Nonetheless, our tester, who generally likes hybrids more than foam mattresses, loved its soft, cushioned surface that offered plenty of support. Though she hasn’t personally tested the hybrid, she assumes she’ll equally enjoy it—if not more—when she sleeps on it later this fall. 

For Labor Day, customers can receive $300 off and a bundle of accessories worth up to $455 with a mattress, including a pillow, mattress protector and sheets. 

Shop the Puffy Sale 

9. Save $200: DreamCloud 

We subjected the DreamCloud to home and lab testing, from assessing its comfort and supportiveness to using a heated blanket on its surface to check whether it retained heat.

Our tester loved the super firm surface of the DreamCloud mattress. It’s a hybrid with a combination of springs and foam to max out comfort overnight.

For Labor Day weekend, DreamCloud is offering $200 off its mattresses, plus $399 worth of accessories with every purchase. Given the mattress’s 14-inch height, the included mattress protector and sheet set could come in handy. 

The DreamCloud is a great choice for stomach and back sleepers, who will find it provides the perfect balance of support and firmness with just enough give. It’s also great at keeping you cool, as the springs allow for more airflow through the bed, dissipating body heat overnight. Side sleepers may find it’s a bit too firm and are likely better off looking at other options on this list. 

Shop the DreamCloud Sale 

10. 25% off: Brooklyn Bedding 

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid isn't a bad mattress, but it's softer than you would think for a "medium firm" option.

Brooklyn Bedding offers six different mattresses, from a basic foam option, to the Sedona Hybrid, which it bills as a luxury option (with a price tag to match). The company’s already reasonable prices on most products are even better with the 25% off Labor Day Discount that’s currently being offered. 

We tested one of its bestselling models, the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid. It’s available in three firmness levels, and our tester opted for the medium option, which is the company’s most popular. She cautions that it didn’t _feel_ medium firm—instead it was more akin to a soft mattress. While it was tolerable for stomach sleeping, she felt it was best suited to side sleeping. 

With the discount, a queen size Signature Hybrid is $843, saving $281 off retail price. 

Shop the Brooklyn Bedding Sale

11. 30% off: Tempur-Pedic 

Though the Tempur-Cloud canvas packaging bag is a nice touch, but not useful after the fact.

It’s almost impossible to not know about Tempur-Pedic. It was one of the first brands widely associated with memory foam—a material that doesn’t just cradle you, but also retains the shape of your body. 

Tempur-Pedic is offering 30% off its Tempur-Cloud, and $200 to $500 off other mattress models. With the discount, a Tempur-Cloud queen size mattress rings up at $1,399.30—a savings of $599.70. You can also score deals on bundles with adjustable bases. 

We tested the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud mattress and found it was supportive and comfortable for side sleeping, but it wasn’t as well-served for stomach sleepers. Our tester was disappointed it fell subject to one of the biggest pitfalls of foam mattresses: heat retention. This mattress left her feeling baked every morning—possibly because of the extra sink-in you get when sleeping on it. 

Shop the Tempur-Pedic Sale 

12. 15% off: Allswell

This high-quality mattress doesn't call for a high-end budget.

In our tester’s experience, the Allswell Supreme mattress was a treat to sleep on. She loved the soft upper layer combined with a sturdy spring base that felt supportive overnight. 

Allswell is offering 15% off its mattresses and 25% off everything else on the site through Labor Day. Unlike other companies on this list, you’ll have to enter the promo code LABORDAY2021 for discounts to apply. A twin size Allswell Supreme will come out at $616.25 and a queen size will ring up for $837.25.

The one area where this mattress didn’t perform as well was edge support. It tended to collapse beneath our tester’s body weight when she sat in bed reading before going to sleep. This isn’t a deal-breaker for many, especially if you don’t care to sleep or sit on the edge of the bed, but it’s worth pointing out. 

Shop the Allswell Sale 

13. Save $200: Saatva

Saatva's mattresses are reader favorites.

Our readers love Saatva mattresses. When they go on sale, they’re among the most popular mattresses our readers buy. For Labor Day, you can save $200 on a purchase of $925 or more, with discounted prices displayed on the product page. A twin size comes in at $887 and a queen is $1,574. 

Our tester loved the Saatva Classic mattress in luxury firm. Its plush surface was forgiving and made her feel as though she was sleeping on a bed at a high-end resort. It’s a tall hybrid mattress at 14.5 inches from base to top and includes two types of springs and foam that the company claims is designed to provide back support. 

The biggest pitfall is for light sleepers: When our tester slept on the bed, it was easy for her to feel her partner moving about on the mattress. 

Shop the Saatva Sale 

14. 10 % off: Simmons 

Simmons' mattresses are affordable and can be great for certain settings.

Everything on the Simmons site is 10% off for Labor Day. The biggest perk? The mattresses are already cheap. A Simmons firm foam is $314 for a queen—making it one of the cheapest options we’ve tried. 

Simmons offers two mattresses, a hybrid mattress (on sale for $260) and an all-foam option (on sale for $242). Both are available in three different firmness levels—firm, medium, and plush.

We wouldn’t recommend the firm hybrid Serta mattress we tested for indefinite use—our tester could feel the springs in the month she spent on it. Nonetheless, we think it’s a great budget option for a guest room or for shorter term use (say, you move somewhere for a year or so and don’t plan on staying long-term). 

Shop the Simmons Sale 

15. $150 off: Eight Sleep

Reviewers adore the Eight Sleep Pod mattrress.

We’ve yet to test Eight Sleep’s mattress and other smart sleep products, though the brand has  plenty of enthusiastic Twitter users. Some have praised the Eight Sleep mattress for allowing them to sleep through the entire night, and others comment on how much it’s worth the steep price (the brand’s most popular queen mattress costs over $3,000). 

During its Labor Day sale, Eight Sleep is offering $150 off its popular Pod mattress, bringing its price down to $2,445 for a queen. It comes with integrated heating and cooling technology so that you can stay at the perfect temperature all night. Its most popular queen mattress, the Pod Pro, is on sale for $2,945 and includes a one-inch topper and extra smart features such as a gentle vibration that wakes up sleepers.

Keep in mind: Some of the data and features are only accessible at additional cost. With the basic plan, you’ll get free access to scheduled heating and cooling and daily reports on sleep and health. For full access, you’ll have to pay $19 per month. The monthly subscription provides additional data, smart temperature adjustment and a handful of other features. 

Shop the Eight Sleep Sale 

16. Save $200: Serta

Score a major discount on various Serta mattresses and bases over Labor Day.

Serta, the legacy mattress brand, isn’t missing out on Labor Day sales. It has a number of popular online mattresses on sale—you can get $200 off a queen, king or California king iComfort mattress, which is available in foam and as a hybrid. Both iComfort models purport to diffuse body heat—we think it’s likely that the hybrid is more effective at the task. 

Then there are the Serta Motion Perfect adjustable bases, which are knocked down for Labor Day, too. You’ll see the biggest savings on the split king base—$600 off. 

While we haven’t tested the iComfort mattress yet, we are in the middle of testing  the Perfect Sleeper, and  thus far we like its edge support and medium-firm feel. Note: This particular model isn’t on sale. 

Shop the Serta Sale 

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