Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Most Stylish Accessories

The old adage If you can’t beat them …..join them, seems to be more relevant today than ever before. The codes of fashion and accessories have diverted in a slew of wonderful variations that represent a certain type of personal style- for the modern day American woman.

This isn’t one of those Mother’s Day gift guides that will make you feel guilty for not being able to make a selection. On the contrary, my intention of curating this feature is to stir-up curiosity and excitement for one of the most treasures days of the year. In short, it is an

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19 stylish hair accessories to wear after your post-lockdown hair makeover

Leanne Bayley

Congratulations, you’ve finally had the hair appointment you’ve been dreaming about for months. If you’re looking to mark the occasion with a special purchase, we’ve compiled some of the best hair accessories to adorn your new hairstyle. From chic designer scrunchies to high street headbands, gorgeous diamante hair grips, cool-girl banana clips and pretty hair bows. Shop our favourites below. 

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Get Affordable (& Stylish) Accessories Your Pet Deserves with Wild One

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Stylish at 60: The best accessories for mature women

Starts at 60 has pulled together seven of the best accessories for women over 60.

1. Earrings

From small studs to large drop earrings, what you wear on your lobes can make or break an outfit. We’d recommend diamond studs (real or fake) to take you from day to night, and something with a pop of colour to dress up neutral-toned outfits. Earrings of different shapes and sizes can be worn well by older women, but be careful not to go too big, as heavy earrings can often stretch ageing earlobes a little lower than you’d want them to go.

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17 functional and stylish accessories to upgrade your home office

Now that we’ve been working from home for a little over a year, you’ve likely got your home office situation straightened out. First, you found the right space in your house to get work done. Then it was time to organize. After that, you upgraded your tech to make sure you were getting the most out of your WFH setup. What could possibly be left? Decor, of course!

With a new season comes new opportunities to revamp your space, including your home office. While you may not need to do a complete overhaul, replacing some of your office accessories

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What 8 Stylish People Have In Their Spring Shopping Carts

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

“Buy anything good lately?” It’s a question I have been asking, and have been asked, more than ever lately. The prospect of warm weather and the world opening up again clearly has people shopping — or, at least, thinking about shopping. But the combination of fashion’s never-ending search for newness and tons of pandemic-induced uncertainty has made figuring out what you want kind of overwhelming. How are we all supposed to dress these days? Are there even trends anymore?

Below, I asked eight expert shoppers what they want to wear for spring-summer

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