Student fashion designers to be featured in Monday exhibition |

Gabby White, junior in Retail Management with a minor in Art and Design

Q: What pieces have you designed for the Purdue Fashion Show?

A: I designed a blazer dress; a two-piece silk pajama set with fluffy embellishments; an asymmetric skirt, where the left side is longer than the right side; and a puff-sleeved U-shaped top.

Q: What were the inspirations for your work?

A: My collection is called “Bloom,” and the inspiration is a springtime, post-COVID feel. All the colors I’m using in my design are pastels, like warm pinks and purples. Think warm spring weather and post-COVID happiness.

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Carroll Middle School Student Featured In Fashion Show

Last week, several area students traveled to Dallas to unite against hate. Carroll Middle School student Madeline Baek was one of them, and she made a fashion statement all her own on the runway.

A collaboration between the Junior Players art program and the Crow Collection of Asian Art, Discover Runway Dreams is a fashion show created to bring awareness to racial inequality and climate change. With the Junior Players sending out an auction call earlier in the year, Madeline knew this was something she wanted to participate in.

“I came up with a walk and six different poses

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For You Page Fashion – The Miami Student

In fashion, you want to look different, and to stand out from the crowd with your own unique style. Rejecting mainstream fashion and “basic” style trends is often a complex that afflicts the fashion-forward. 

Formerly known as, TikTok has evolved into a completely unique platform of lifestyle, comedy, fashion, music, and many other genres of videos, tailored just for you by an eerily accurate algorithm on their explore feature, called the For You page (FYP). 

If you scroll even for just five minutes on TikTok, you’re likely to stumble across a fashion video, whether it be a clothing haul,

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