SPDR S&P 500 ETF (ETF:SPY) – Global Entertainment Industry To Generate $2.6 Trillion In Revenues By 2025: Report


The global entertainment and media industry is on track to grow by 6.5{478333fef289f17d569c76970834c08f92d608302faf6c452490324ee355f13f} in 2021 and 6.7{478333fef289f17d569c76970834c08f92d608302faf6c452490324ee355f13f} in 2022, according to the newly-published Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2021-2025 from PwC, which credited strong demand for digital content and advertising as fueling this new vibrancy.

The Pandemic’s Chaos: The report noted the uptick in growth follows a disastrous pandemic-ravaged 2020 that saw in-person entertainment come to a halt — particularly in movie theater box office revenues, which crashed by 71{478333fef289f17d569c76970834c08f92d608302faf6c452490324ee355f13f}.

Global entertainment and media industry revenue dropped by 3.8{478333fef289f17d569c76970834c08f92d608302faf6c452490324ee355f13f} from $2.1 trillion in 2019 to $2 trillion in 2020,

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