How to add a page break to a Word style

Image: justplay1412/Shutterstock

As you type, Microsoft Word wraps content to the next line when you reach the right margin. In the same way, Word automatically knows when to start a new page. Now, you probably know that you can force a new page by pressing Ctrl+Enter; this is called a hard page break, and you should avoid them when possible. The truth is, you seldom need to force a page break even when you need content to start on the next page before filling the previous page. In most cases, you can change a style instead. In this article, I’ll

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For You Page Fashion – The Miami Student

In fashion, you want to look different, and to stand out from the crowd with your own unique style. Rejecting mainstream fashion and “basic” style trends is often a complex that afflicts the fashion-forward. 

Formerly known as, TikTok has evolved into a completely unique platform of lifestyle, comedy, fashion, music, and many other genres of videos, tailored just for you by an eerily accurate algorithm on their explore feature, called the For You page (FYP). 

If you scroll even for just five minutes on TikTok, you’re likely to stumble across a fashion video, whether it be a clothing haul,

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