How To Create A Mexican-Style Happy Hour At Home

You don’t need to be from Mexico to love Mexican food and decor. The Mexican culture is vibrant, energetic, and colorful, and the Mexican people love to gather over food and drinks with family and friends. In my home state, Texas, Mexican food and its regional cousin, Tex-Mex, are inescapable. There’s no way to grow up in Texas without enjoying a margarita paired with chips and salsa. In fact, that’s a favorite happy-hour combo! 

I don’t know about you, but I almost always want to recreate food and other dining experiences when I return home from vacation. To create my

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Toile Fashion, Accessories, and Home Goods Are Having a MOMENT


We Spent Way Too Many Hours On Amazon Digging Up These 54 Fashion Steals

Despite being the biggest e-tailer known to man (with something like 300 million users), Amazon isn’t exactly easy to navigate. Anyone who’s spent hours scouring pages of padded headbands can attest to that. We get it, there’s no simple way to organize 3 billion products on a single website. But c’mon, Bezos. Help a girl (and her search for the perfect $3 headband) out.Since we might be waiting a while for the tech team over at Amazon to solve our shopping woes, a temporary solution

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How Apple’s new iMacs color-matched today’s home fashion trends

This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters.

At its spring event earlier this week, Apple made the unexpected and bold move of unveiling its new iMac in a kaleidoscopic array of colors. From the start of the event, color played a key role, with CEO Tim Cook kicking off the presentation in front of a large rainbow sculpture.

Apple’s embrace of the rainbow motif brings to mind Cook’s and the wider company’s support of the LGBTQ community, but its appearance on Tuesday served as an early wink at

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Florida couple invites wedding guests to home that isn’t theirs

A Florida couple hoped to have their dream wedding on the grounds of a magnificent, multimillion-dollar mansion that boasts a tennis court, gazebo and a pool with a waterfall.

The only problem was, they never told the home’s owner about their plans.

Courtney Wilson and Shenita Jones had invited their whole family to the nuptials at their “dream home and estate,” which turned out to be a palatial estate they don’t own and reportedly didn’t rent in the upscale Florida suburb of Southwest Ranches, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Wednesday.

The 16,300-square-foot mansion, which is on the market for

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Couple Goes All Out for “1920s-Meets-Versailles” Wedding at Home

Alyssa Riley admits that she led EJ Solimine on for a bit after meeting him at a dinner in Miami. “We instantly connected and chatted,” she tells BAZAAR Bride of the night they met. But they lived in different cities and had contrasting opinions about what they wanted in a relationship. “We eventually fell in love a year or so later when I moved to New York City. The day I landed, EJ picked me up from the airport, and we had the boyfriend-girlfriend chat. We’ve been together ever since.”

Alyssa, a model who has walked for Armani Privé in

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