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LVIV, Ukraine, Aug. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Created by, StoryMaze offers a new media format for sensual entertainment: a library of interactive erotic audio stories. The platform is announcing its August 17 ProductHunt launch date — all in an effort to address the challenges of modern entertainment.

According to research from MGM Resorts, 44{478333fef289f17d569c76970834c08f92d608302faf6c452490324ee355f13f} of Americans claim they rarely feel entertained these days, while a staggering 46{478333fef289f17d569c76970834c08f92d608302faf6c452490324ee355f13f} state they experience overwhelming choice paralysis: spending more time deciding what to watch than actually consuming media. 53{478333fef289f17d569c76970834c08f92d608302faf6c452490324ee355f13f} of people, meanwhile, prefer entertainment that transports them into fantasy.

This is where StoryMaze comes in. By the platform’s own research, there is a great deal of stigma surrounding steamy digital content. There is not so much “healthy” hot erotic content available today, as most options are less-than-suitable for couples (or they risk hindering a person’s sexual well-being). Furthermore, there’s limited understanding of the power of immersion, even with innovations in VR/AR.

With StoryMaze, the user can take back control of their erotic entertainment journey. Each story is read by the voice artist and sensual narrator of the user’s choice—and at the end of the chapters, readers can guide the protagonist, influencing how the story flows. Users also have the option to explore new sensual storylines and alternate realities by revisiting the beginning of each story, adjusting their choices to explore new and intriguing outcomes.

“Our sensual, emotional stories transport users into the fantasy, creating an immersive virtual adventure,” says StoryMaze founder Valerii Kozlov. “Interactive storytelling stimulates self-expression, which is crucial to our self-love and sexual well-being.”

Experiential in nature, the app features an immersive customer journey, a heightened sense of curiosity, and an ethical and intriguing way to enjoy sensual media.

To stay up-to-date, users can subscribe to the platform’s newsletter, and benefit from StoryMaze’s Early-Bird program. Sign up here to enjoy a week of significant discounts and promo codes, including free access to selected stories.

About StoryMaze

StoryMaze delivers exclusive access to sensual audio-visual storytelling—leading to more engaging entertainment for listeners across the globe. A new media format for consumers of erotic audio, adults from all backgrounds can enjoy the escapism fantasy brings, exploring their emotions while cultivating empathy for the narrators and main characters featured in the StoryMaze app.

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Valerii Kozlov, StoryMaze (by, +1 815 314 0908, [email protected]


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