COLUMBIA – Stephens College fashion students are preparing to host their 77th Annual Student Designer Fashion Presentations.  

In the past, this event has been a runway show open to the community, and often, recruiters from various fashion companies will attend the show and hire student designers. 

However, because of the pandemic, the students have had to adapt.  The exhibit will be held virtually this year for public viewing.  

“…we do have a group of students who know how to work under pressure and under a great deal of change,” Monica McMurry, Stephens College fashion program and faculty chair, said. “We’ve had to work with city health guidelines changes and how we normally run events through our Stephens College reunion.” 

The fashion industry has been negatively impacted financially because of the pandemic. This may concern some up-in-coming members of the fashion world.  

“That was really the huge concern for my graduating class and the graduating class before me, that had to graduate last May.” Leigh Ann Barnett, fashion communications senior at Stephens College, said. “It was kind of, well, what does this mean for us in the workforce? Like, are we going to be able to get jobs, you know, if there aren’t any?”  

McMurry said the students have handled the changes from COVID-19 well.

“Students have always been right on top of everything and created a new ways to promote fashion just as the rest of the global fashion industry has done,” McMurry said.

Despite not having a runway show this year, the public will be able to view the gallery exhibit virtually starting April 24. 

To view the exhibit, their fashion short films, dates, senior videos and behind-the-scenes footage, click here.