Shocking moment ‘landlord’ breaks shop windows with hammer after ‘tenant rent row’ escalates

THIS is the shocking moment a “landlord” smashed the windows of a shop with a hammer after an alleged row over rent escalated into violence.

Footage shows two men armed with hammers shattering the windows of a shop in West London on Monday afternoon in front a crowd of stunned onlookers.


Two men were filmed smashing the shop windowsCredit: TWITTER
Cops confirmed three men were arrested after the incident


Cops confirmed three men were arrested after the incidentCredit: TWITTER

A woman could be heard screaming inside the destroyed shop in Edgware Road as a swarm of cops arrived armed with batons.

Two handcuffed men were later seen being escorted out of a shop by officers before being put in the back of a police van.

It’s understood the incident unfolded in the busy shopping street after a dispute over rent escalated.

Cops confirmed three men were arrested at the scene.

Following the arrests, a woman in a yellow coat was seen shouting to a crowd of people about the shocking scenes in front of the decimated shopfront.

She claimed the owners of the shop were behind the incident.

The Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called to a premises in Edgware Road, W2, shortly before 17.45hrs on Monday, 30 August to reports of criminal damage.

“Officers attended. Three men were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. They have been taken into custody.”

It’s not the first time tensions have mounted between a tenant and a landlord.

A tenant from hell in Andover, Hampshire, filled a home with 8,000 beer cans and full of waste – after telling the landlord that he had left “a bit of a mess”.

Cleaner Freddie Gillium-Webb was given the task of clearing up the stomach-churning mess by his landlord pal once the problem tenant finally left after a year of paying no rent and trashing the flat.

Freddie was forced to spend almost 30 hours across three days clearing out the property and was sick multiple times in the process as he waded through the appalling mess.

The living room of the two-bedroom flat was full of empty beers, with spiders beginning to swipe the cans and lift them up in their webs.

The tenant had taken off with only a text message to the landlord to say he “might have left a bit of a mess” – leaving the landlord £12,000 out of pocket.

And last year, a landlord was accused of race discrimination after banning African tenants from renting her property – because “they make the house smell”.

Two handcuffed men were seen being escorted out of a shop


Two handcuffed men were seen being escorted out of a shopCredit: TWITTER
Tenant from hell filled home with 8,000 beer cans and knee-deep waste after telling landlord he left ‘a bit of mess’

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