Premium Bandai’s New Gundam Zeon Hardcover Suitcase is Worth $1400

Mobile Suit Gundam fashion brand Strict-G is releasing several new items on Premium Bandai, including a premium Zeon-themed hardcover suitcase priced at $1,460. Other collaboration items include bags made with New Era, as well as three bomber jackets designed by Alpha Industries. All products are available for pre-order until September 6, 2021, and will ship in October 2021.

The premium hardcover suitcases are designed by Protex. Protex is a high-end luggage company that previously worked with Japan’s space program JAXA, as well as the nation’s military. Additionally, the hand-crafted suitcases use high-density polyethylene that makes them impact-resistant. The suitcases come in two varieties and sizes, one of which features designs inspired by Char Aznable.  Larger sizes will fit up to 49L and cost $1,460, while the smaller size have a capacity of 27L and cost $1,235.

You can get a better look at the suitcases below:

Alternatively, the company is also releasing a line of New Era bags and fanny packs, similarly featuring Zeon inspired designs. The all-black bags prominently feature the Zeon Army logo as well as the words “Sieg Zeon” in bold white. Backpacks will cost $168, fanny packs will cost $83, and pouches $66.

Finally, the three Alpha Industry bomber jackets will come in grey, khaki, and red colors. Titled the MA-1 Collection, the red jacket features Johnny Ridden‘s nametag along with various referential patches and insignias. Similarly, the grey jacket is based on “White Wolf” Shin Matsunaga, while the khaki jacket is modeled off of the 08th Mobile Suit Team. Both the Johnny Ridden and Shin Matsunaga jackets will cost $362 each. The 08th MS Team jacket will cost $340.

The Gundam bomber jackets, along with the Zeon branded New Era bags and hardcover suitcase are immediately available for pre-order on Premium Bandai. Pre-orders are open until September 6, 2021, or until supplies last.

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