Buy online, but be careful lest shopping becomes a COVID compulsion

We’re more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic that has kept most Americans homebound over the past dozen or so months – and often in our sweatpants (or athleisure in my case).

And after that long a stretch spent in oversized vacation tees and Nike leggings so I can transition from work to working out, I’m actually not sure what my style is anymore. But that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to order new clothes that could be worn out to the bar or to a party despite my lack of plans – and in a small studio apartment

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10 Amanda Gorman Headbands and Hair Accessories to Shop in Celebration of Her Vogue Cover

When one thinks of regal headpieces, they might think of diamond tiaras or jeweled crowns. But with her glorious collection of headbands and hair accessories, Amanda Gorman is redefining the concept. When she adorned her crocheted twists with a padded Prada headband on Inauguration Day, she certainly looked the part of a modern-day queen.

It’s a moment that will be forever etched in fashion history. Vogue stylist, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, described it best in an episode of Good Morning Vogue, saying, “That headband is supposed to sit flat on European straight hair and she made it work for her.

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For You Page Fashion – The Miami Student

In fashion, you want to look different, and to stand out from the crowd with your own unique style. Rejecting mainstream fashion and “basic” style trends is often a complex that afflicts the fashion-forward. 

Formerly known as, TikTok has evolved into a completely unique platform of lifestyle, comedy, fashion, music, and many other genres of videos, tailored just for you by an eerily accurate algorithm on their explore feature, called the For You page (FYP). 

If you scroll even for just five minutes on TikTok, you’re likely to stumble across a fashion video, whether it be a clothing haul,

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Read This Before You Decide to Work In Fashion

Highsnobiety Q1 is the latest in a series of quarterly insight weeks dedicated to the business behind youth culture and what makes our market tick. Head over to our Insights hub to see the full series.

In 1999, The New Yorker released one of its most iconic articles ever published. In “Don’t Eat Before Reading This,” the late chef Anthony Bourdain spilled trade secrets of the restaurant industry. In doing so he poetically painted a picture of what it’s really like being a chef, to those who rarely get a glimpse behind the scenes.

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They Wanted an Outdoor Wedding. They Got a Search-And-Rescue Operation.

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When Josiah and Amanda Powell planned a snowmobile-in wedding in one of their favorite Colorado backcountry ski spots, they expected an intimate, friends-and-family affair that would be as adventurous as they were. 

What they didn’t expect: 60 extra guests from the local search-and-rescue team.

Raised in Minnesota, the Powells started dating after they moved to Colorado four years ago and quickly bonded over a shared love of the mountains. They started backcountry skiing about a year and a half later, motivated in part by a desire to dodge resorts’

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What 8 Stylish People Have In Their Spring Shopping Carts

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

“Buy anything good lately?” It’s a question I have been asking, and have been asked, more than ever lately. The prospect of warm weather and the world opening up again clearly has people shopping — or, at least, thinking about shopping. But the combination of fashion’s never-ending search for newness and tons of pandemic-induced uncertainty has made figuring out what you want kind of overwhelming. How are we all supposed to dress these days? Are there even trends anymore?

Below, I asked eight expert shoppers what they want to wear for spring-summer

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