Meet the World’s Tallest Fashion Model, Whose Legs are Taller Than an Entire 4th-Grader

Rentsenkhorloo Bud has trouble shopping for clothes that fit her 53-inch legs. She bumps her head on doorways and has trouble finding shoes anywhere in Asia that are big enough for her feet.

But the 6’9″ native of Mongolia says she’s finally body-positive after years of bullying about her gangly legs. After all, the 29-year-old is a fashion model now.

Rentsenkhorloo, known by her friends as Renny, now lives and works in the United States. She told Zenger that she inherited her height from her 6’10” father and her 6’1″ mother.

Rentsenkhorloo Bud (right), is a Mongolian model with the
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