Kirby’s Dream Factory will open next pop-up shop this October in Japan


Fans in Japan got to enjoy the Kirby’s Dream Factory pop-up shop last year, and it will return with a new shop next month. The limited-time pop-up shop was previously available in Osaka, Shizuoka, and Kyoto. The next one will be in Nagoya at the PARCO Nagoya department store’s sixth floor from October 22 to November 8.

Since the debut of Kirby in Kirby’s Dream Land for the Game Boy in 1992, the Kirby series has been through all kinds of different genres now with 34ish titles, and the same could be said about its many pop-up shops in Japan. The latest one, being Kirby’s Dream Factory, started with the concept of a pink and pop sweets factory that fans get to visit on a trip. Fans get to see hardworking Waddle Dees in the factory. It even has actual working conveyor belts where you can take selfies and photos to remember your visit.

Kirby Kirbys Dream Factory Pop-up Shop Kirby's

  Kirby Kirbys Dream Factory Pop-up Shop Kirby's

The above images give us a peek at the pop-up shop when it was in Osaka.

In addition to items limited to the Kirby’s Dream Factory pop-up shop, it will feature over 100 different Kirby goods at the store. If you’re lucky, you might find some of those extra fluffy Kirby and Waddle Dee cushions! Here’s a look at some of the exclusive items:

Kirby's Dream Factory will open next pop-up shop this October in Japan

  • Kirby Plush – 2,420 yen (~$22.03)
  • Kirby Mug – 1,650 yen (~$15.02)
  • Cookie Kirby – 540 yen (~$4.92)
  • Crafting Tape – 825 yen (~$7.51)

Kirby's Dream Factory Pop-up Shop

For people who feel iffy about going out anywhere, the Kirby’s Dream Factory-exclusive goods will also be available to purchase on the online store.


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