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SAN FRANCISCO, July 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Inspired by musician, artist and visionary Jerry Garcia, Jerry Garcia Music Arts  announces an exciting partnership with fellow ecologically focused Aerial to release the artist’s first NFT to feature a mix of his music and visual art.

The historic cryptoart piece titled “Mandolin Player” is set to release on the SuperRare platform on July 12, 2021, just months after the recent debut of Garcia’s fine art NFT, “Gift.” 

The “Mandolin Player,” soundscape is composed of an instrumental segment of  “Jack-A-Roo” (also known as “Jack-A Roe”) performed in studio by Jerry Garcia and mandolinist David Grisman. The beloved tune, which Garcia performed with the Grateful Dead on more than 108 occasions, has now been remixed and produced in spatial audio by electronic musician and sound poet Jair-Rohm Parker Wells.

Jair-Rohm commented on the historical importance of the cryptoart and its significance for the future of music: “The Grateful Dead were audio pioneers. The legendary ‘Wall of Sound’ changed live sound forever. Presenting Jerry Garcia’s music in this way is the intuitive next step in the evolution of how his music will be enjoyed by future generations.”

Beyond his illustrious career with the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Music Arts’ namesake continues to be a celebrated fine artist, philanthropist and environmentalist by bringing the world together through his music. Garcia was an original champion for artists’ rights and the democratization of creativity. In recent years, as the worlds of technology and art come together, Garcia’s vocal dedication to artistic autonomy is becoming a reality with the rapidly expanding NFT platform.

In tribute to Garcia’s prolific and steadfast beliefs in the power of creative expression and environmental conservation, 3 percent of NFT net proceeds from “Mandolin Player” will be donated to the Jerry Garcia Foundation, supporting ocean preservation and the arts. Gift grants will then be provided to the Psylodelic Gallery and selected ocean conservation organizations.

An additional environmental component of this cryptoart project will engage the carbon offset tools made available by Aerial, an ecologically focused platform built by climate-conscious technologists who aim to mitigate humanity’s carbon emissions. The “Mandolin Player” release will support Aerial’s forest conservation work, which is fully verified by the American Carbon Registry and Climate Action Reserve.

For more information, please visit the SuperRare website at

About SuperRare

Founded in 2017, SuperRare is a pioneering online, peer-to-peer marketplace for premium, single edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs), most notably CryptoArt, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Created with the goal of reinventing art collecting for the digital age, SuperRare has facilitated artists and collectors around the world to sell and purchase more than $71M worth of art in the last year alone. On the heels of a successful first round of funding in 2021, SuperRare continues to work with key art curation and auction partners across the globe.

About Aerial

Aerial is a sustainability platform that builds tools to manage carbon footprints across NFTs, transportation and other emission sources. Developed by entrepreneurs Andreas Homer, Ari Sawyers and Ebby Amir, Aerial tracks your emissions, offers simple ways to act and gives exclusive insights from credible science writers on how to live more sustainably. Aerial makes climate action easy and fun.

About the Psylodelic Gallery  

The Psylodelic Gallery is a center for art and culture, nestled on the grounds of Fur Peace Ranch in Pomeroy, Ohio. It houses Jorma Kaukonen’s personal collections of artifacts, photographs and posters from his long career as a musician, from Jefferson Airplane to Hot Tuna. The nonprofit gallery, cofounded by Jorma and his wife Vanessa, hosts ever-revolving art shows reflecting the “Summer of Love” era.

About the Jerry Garcia Foundation

The Jerry Garcia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports environmental, artistic and humanitarian causes through the beauty of music and art. Jerry’s family members established the foundation in 2015 in honor of the musician, artist and visionary. Staying true to Jerry’s vision, the foundation embraces the idea that music and art bring great healing to the world.

About Jerry Garcia Music Arts

Jerry Garcia Music Arts is a mission-based music and arts services company inspired by musician Jerry Garcia. The company engages in conscious plastic-free environmental practices and is receptive to partnerships with creatives of like mind. 

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