Focus Entertainment is the new name for Focus Home Interactive

Focus Home Interactive, a French video game publisher that releases titles across a wide spectrum of genres, has rebranded with a new name, Focus Entertainment. The new title is intended to better reflect the publisher’s priorities, as it has explained in an announcement:

From now on, the Focus Entertainment brand covers all of Focus’ activities, with the term Entertainment being representative of the desire to diversify its games, products, services and revenue streams. Entertainment also emphasizes the ambition to offer players around the world unique experiences, supported by an editorial policy that stands out thanks to innovative concepts, inventive gameplay and original worlds that transcend the boundaries of video games.

Focus Entertainment currently owns three other video game developers/publishers: Deck13 Interactive, Streum On Studio, and most recently Dotemu, which also includes its The Arcade Crew label. That means games as diverse as CrossCode, Necromunda: Hired Gun, and Streets of Rage 4 fall under its expansive umbrella. But Focus publishes titles from myriad other developers as well, like Asobo Studio’s A Plague Tale, Spiders’ GreedFall, and Saber Interactive’s SnowRunner. One way or another, there is something in this publisher’s catalogue for you.

So, basically, Focus Home Interactive is dead; long live the new Focus Entertainment name.


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