First date with German women.

Germany is one of the flushest and most developed countries in the world. That means its people are knowledgeable, hardworking, and passionate about everything they do. Apart from that, German people have high respect for their culture and heritage, giving them strong beliefs on living their lives. Therefore, dating a German citizen requires a person who has an outstanding character, is very respectful, and has a purpose in life. German women date for marriage purposes; thus, they are very picky to avoid people wasting their precious time. Here are some dating tips to consider for a successful first date with a German woman. 

Time and place 

 Women are time-sensitive, and they appreciate when punctuality is considerable. Setting up a date at a particular time and turning up late will portray a negative impression of time mismanagement. Choose a appropriate time for both of you in the evening hours. Decide on a good and a public place venue to meet. Spend only a few hours at the restaurant, then take her for a walk or any other activity that permits you to enjoy the moment and talk freely. It will help get away with awkwardness on the first date as strangers. 

Look nice and clean. 

The first impression creates a long-lasting picture of a person beyond that moment, and when the image is positive and sound, the better. Be presentable, wear nice clothes (most of the online shops in Germany offer affordable and great clothes such as airy online shop.), shave your hair and beards, and smell nice (a perfume with a less pungent smell is recommendable). All these matters for a lady to like you on the first time. It shows a sense of responsibility, maturity, and self-care. 

Make her feel comfortable around you. 

Compliment her the moment you meet her. Let it be simple and sweet. Avoid too many compliments that might raise questions in her mind. Set a conversation that doesn’t bring out arguments, moreso German people are very productive hence conversations on the general kind of stuff will spark the talks because it will raise her interest. Ask her about herself as you avoid deep personal questions and talk less about yourself. 

Show confidence. 

Ladies love confident men. A person who can “rock the boat.” Show a sense of self-value and be a gentleman by opening doors for her, pulling chairs, and listening keenly to her interest. Be direct to what you want because they like straightforward people. Play little or no mind games. Dating for Germans is a simple task as long as you familiarize yourself with their dating culture. Be honest and let her know your intentions in the future because for German ladies, if they start hanging around is an indication of a relationship. Therefore, mentioning a little of your preferences might give her a touch of a serious relationship in the future. Crack a few jokes when necessary, and keep in mind that it’s not one of the attributes when they are selecting a partner.  

Keep it positive. 

The first date should be fun. Talking about too much serious stuff or personal problems is a turn-off. Display less emotion and learn German romantic gestures, which should be avoided on the first encounter. That doesn’t mean vulnerability is off-putting; thus, being yourself will exact less pressure on your side. 

Age doesn’t matter. 

Most cultures consider age as a factor in choosing a dating partner. Age might cause differences in beliefs and lifestyle that can bring issues in a relationship, but it is just a number in German dating culture. It does not define a person’s ability to take responsibility or solve life problems, and younger people can date older adults and vice-versa. 

Pay the bills. 

Gender equality started a long ago in Germany; thus, women are used to paying their bills. However, offering to pay the tabs on the first date is an excellent plan to win a second date with her. In addition, it shows you can take care of her. 

Create a mystery. 

They are benefits of not being predictable. Although Germans like people talking directly to the point, that doesn’t mean a little mystery cannot be displayable to create attention and attraction. People love to figure out things; searching for answers might be exhausting, but that is what portrays interest in things. 


The dating stage is a vital stage of choosing a life partner. There are many things to consider, such as financial security, the character of the person, beliefs, and religion, among others. Every country has a dating culture, and above are some of the dating tips to consider in the first encounter in dating German women. 

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