Desi mom grooving to Punjabi songs at son’s wedding will make you want to hit the dance floor right away

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Weddings have always been a big deal in India and every family tries to make it a grand affair. In fact, Indian weddings have always been an extensive affair that often lasts for a couple of days. Interestingly, the wedding households have several functions and ceremonies going on which keeps everyone on their toes. Amid this, an Indian wedding can never be complete without some crazy dance moments. Interestingly, one such video from an Indian wedding has been doing the rounds on social media which will leave you excited.


In the video, an elderly woman, who happens to be the mother of the groom was seen shaking a leg as her son got married. The video was shared by the woman’s son and her lively spirit while grooving to Punjabi songs. In the video, the elderly woman named Monika Sharma was dressed in a pink salwar suit and was seen performing Bhangra on the beats of a Punjabi song. Her enthusiasm was unmissable and it will definitely make you want to wear your dancing shoes right away.


Take a look at the video of an elderly woman grooving to Punjabi songs here:


The video has gone viral on social media and the netizens can’t stop hailing the woman for her enthusiasm. One of the Instagram users wrote, “Ooohhh my goooooddddd bhai saab mujhe aesi saas mil jati toh zindagi Jannat ho jati.”. Another Instagram user took to the comment section and commented, “Age is just number apne sach kar di ye bat aunty ji”.


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