BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Announces “‘DRAGON BALL Z Dokkan Battle’ Reaches 350 Million Downloads Worldwide!”

TOKYO, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, has announced that the game application “DRAGON BALL Z Dokkan Battle,” available through App Store and Google Play for smartphones, has reached 350 million downloads worldwide. In commemoration of this feat, “350 Million Global DLs Reached! Worldwide Celebration! Grand Departure Campaign” has started from August 28.



– “Enjoy the world of ‘DRAGON BALL’ in the palm of your hand with ‘DRAGON BALL Z Dokkan Battle'”

“DRAGON BALL Z Dokkan Battle” launched in 2015 as a game application for smartphones, taking advantage of its characteristics and features to create a game that allows users around the world to immerse themselves in the world of “DRAGON BALL” through the palm of their hand. The following year, the game application was nominated for the “Google Play Awards” for its simple, yet intuitive controls allowing users to experience the intense battles unique to the world of “DRAGON BALL.”

It has been BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s commitment to provide intense battles reminiscent of the anime of the time with game features such as use of powerful special attacks and active skills, and the app has regularly held events and campaigns themed around the worldview of each character.

By focusing on game quality and events, the title has shown a steady increase in users over the course of six years from its release. The game application is now distributed in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, with 70% of downloads coming from overseas, making it a game to be enjoyed by users throughout the world.

“350 Million Global DLs Reached! Worldwide Celebration! Grand Departure Campaign” Lineup

The app will hold various events themed after the Planet Namek Saga for the “350 Million Global DLs Reached! Worldwide Celebration! Grand Departure Campaign.”

– Dual DOKKAN Festival begins

The Dual DOKKAN Festival will be held in two parts with each featuring a new SSR character, “Super Saiyan Goku,” and “Frieza (Full Power).” The new characters will use voiced active skills when they DOKKAN Awaken to LR. Don’t miss the chance of having one free Consecutive Summon for every three Consecutive Summon made within the first 400 hours from the start of the DOKKAN Festival.



*Campaign Period: August 28 to October 4, 11:59 PM (PST/TBD)*The campaign period and content may change without notice.*The characters featured in each of the “DOKKAN Festival” during the “Dual DOKKAN Festival” differ.

– Log in for special bonuses


Users will receive 2 Dragon Stones every day during the festival for a maximum of 80 Dragon Stones. Users will also receive a “God Dragon Stone 14” that can be used to gain any character in the lineup and 30 “Story Keys” when users first log in during the festival.

*Campaign Period: Until October 4, 10:59 AM (PST/TBD)*The campaign period and content may change without notice.

– Challenge with Special Missions


Clear the missions to gain Dragon Stones, Aged Meat, Training Items, Hercule Statues, and more.

*Campaign Period: Until October 4, 11:59 PM (PST/TBD)*The campaign period and content may change without notice.

– Get ready for the “Ruler of the Universe and the Warrior Race” story event



Two different events will be held with one from Son Goku’s viewpoint, and the other from Frieza’s viewpoint. Clear Son Goku’s story event, “Legend of the Super Saiyan,” to receive the 3rd anniversary reward, “Super Gravity Training Goku.”

*Campaign Period: Until October 4, 11:59 PM (PST/TBD)*The campaign period and content may change without notice.

Content Overview

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment follows its corporate slogan to the word — more fun for everyone. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment will strive to bring the fun to everyone throughout the world.

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