The wedding of Musa Mduduzi Fakude to Amina Msusa last Sunday turned heads and had guests spellbound at the rare occasion of witnessing the similarities of an African Muslim wedding to a traditional African wedding ceremony as shared in these photographs.

Immam Sharief Msusa and his cousin, Ismaeli, paraded the bride, Amina, and her sister, Shenaaz, through the guests as a display of the satisfaction with the ceremony.
Elegant in their African dresses, Amina Msusa with her sister Shenaaz display their mix of traditional African and Muslim beauty, during Amina’s wedding ceremony last Sunday.
Bride Amina Msusa with her younger sister, Shenaaz, and their aunt, Sister Bhamali, during the wedding ceremony.
The bride’s father, Immam Sharief Msusa, accepts Mahar (Mahadi) from the groom, Musa Mduduzi Fakude, as an acknowledgement and his acceptance as a son-in-law in the Msusa family.
Friend and colleague of the bride ???, bride Amina Msusa and her sister Shanaaz share the fun of the moment at the ceremony.
The groom is flanked by the male members of the two families as part of cementing relations between the two families and concluding the marriage ceremony.