Fashion’s takeback programs are complex and growing in popularity

Circularity has become a buzzword in fashion over the last five years, with more brands introducing ways to extend the life of a product or turn it into something else after it’s been worn. Brands regularly publicize what is done with products after they’ve been collected. But less is known about the process of getting those used products out of customers’ hands and back to the brand — it isn’t easy.

The takeback program can take many forms. Brands including Patagonia, Eileen Fisher and Cuyana have various methods for collecting and processing products. For example, the products are obtained via read more

So long sweatpants, hello airbag sleeves: how red carpet fashion glammed up in lockdown | Oscars 2021

With its pre-game detoxes, jutting clavicles and sanitised Cinderella moments sponsored by luxury conglomerates, the awards red carpet has long set the standard for unattainable beauty and globally palatable fashion. And then Covid-19 happened. Celebrities sat at home recording earnest John Lennon covers in their sweatpants, and the red carpet – with its tit tape and sequins and who-wore-it-best analysis – became grounded.

That was 2020. This year, however, has introduced a weird, semi-virtual, socially distant awards season, and with it an equally weird return to red carpet dressing. The Golden Globes was the first major awards show to

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I Called Off My Wedding. The Internet Will Never Forget

“I think it’s an even stronger statement than that,” Seyal said. “If we solve the problem you describe, the user doesn’t necessarily come back more, but we might have solved what’s a terrible experience on the internet. And that in itself is enough.”

Pinterest hadn’t really solved it, though. The new tuning feature I saw in their offices felt like little more than expanded menu options, a Facebookian revision of settings. In early 2021, Pinterest was still suggesting “24 Excellent and Elegant Silk Wedding Dresses” to me.

That day, leaving Pinterest and walking back to my office, I realized it

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2022 Subaru BRZ STI performance accessories unveiled in Japan

The 2022 Subaru BRZ is receiving a sportier lineup of exterior go-fast accessories and STI performance parts. But there’s a catch (two, actually). First, it seems these yummy STI performance parts are for the Japanese market BRZ only. And lastly, the pieces are currently under development, coinciding with a heavily camouflaged BRZ spotted doing the rounds at Fuji Speedway last December.

We’re still pining for a true-blue Subaru BRZ STI like its Impreza siblings, but it seems we’ll need to be content with STI-branded accessories, for now at least. We have no word yet if Subaru will bring its STI

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What Is Milwaukee-Style Pizza? And Who Made it First?


Loyalists to longstanding pizzerias such as Zaffiro’s, Balistreri’s and Calderone Club might like to think their favorite joint was the one that originated our city’s signature style, whose defining characteristics are a crisp, cracker-thin crust and pieces cut into rectangles, which is also known as tavern-cut.

But it really all started with a place called the Caradaro Club, whose Third Ward location opened in 1945 and was destroyed by fire in 1979. There’s a plaque outside its old digs at 143 N. Broadway that honors both the restaurant and

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Reviewed: Why the Fashion Set Loves Caes

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

Before launching Caes, I worked as a designer for many years on huge collections that had to fall within a strict framework of (seasonal) styles, budget, and time, as is the case with most fashion brands. On a personal level, this didn’t feel right anymore. I had a strong desire to focus on designing items that would not be limited to one season only, where quality and fit would be a focus and I could really give my full attention to each piece, take my time, and really love

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