Fashion Brands Face Growing Pressure to Pay Debts to Garment Factories

Last March, a catastrophe hit Asia’s garment-producing countries. Major fashion brands canceled orders worth more than $40 billion, citing COVID-induced store closures and a severely weakened retail market, but in the process destroying the livelihoods of millions of garment workers who already struggle to get by on poverty wages. 

Mostafiz Uddin, owner of a denim factory in Chattogram, Bangladesh, told journalist Elizabeth Cline that the mass cancellations amounted to a business crisis worse than the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka that killed 1,134 people in 2013. In Uddin’s case, he was stuck with hundreds of thousands of pairs of

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8 Royal Wedding Dresses That Cost Even More Than People Think They Did

A royal wedding is a marvelous event unlike any other. Being the bride is a seriously big deal. You’re in the position to make some serious fashion choices, with prestigious designers at your disposal.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge et al. that are standing in a wedding dress: most-expensive-royal-wedding-dresses

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Royal brides are well-aware that you only get to be the bride in a royal wedding once. Some ambitious brides take full advantage and get custom gowns that are jaw-dropping, with prices that are equally stunning.

We don’t always get exact numbers for these one-of-a-kind gowns, but over time, informed estimates tend to come out. It’s amazing how much some of

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Apex Legends Nintendo Switch launches March 9

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Apex Legends would be coming to Nintendo Switch on March 9. Well, to coincide with that launch, a few different accessory manufacturers are joining in on the fun to launch branded gear to celebrate. Most notably, we have PowerA launching a wireless controller, and SanDisk is releasing a custom 128GB microSD card, which will give you plenty of storage for on-the-go gaming. What all do these products offer, and what can we expect out of the Switch version of Apex Legends? Well, keep reading to find out.

Dive into King’s Canyon in Apex

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City of Ghosts Season 1 Netflix Trailer | New Kids’ Show

Netflix is dropping a new series for kids in March that looks unlike anything you’ve ever watched as a family. City of Ghosts — a documentary-style series that features animated characters with live-action backgrounds — follows Zelda, a kid from Los Angeles who forms The Ghost Club with a bunch of new friends.

According to Netflix, the group of ghost-lovers “learn about the rich history of their city through encounters with friendly neighborhood ghosts. In each episode — which is based on and voiced by real residents from different neighborhoods — the members of The Ghost Club help others learn

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Topshop changed the fashion industry, but now it too has been left behind | Anna Cafolla | Opinion

When I was growing up in Belfast in the mid-00s, the recently opened Victoria Square shopping centre offered a trifecta of coolness to teenage girls: Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Hollister. While each store had its own appeal, the barometer of desire swung most often towards Topshop. The “Topshop Girl” was ahead of trends, easily cast as the Kate or Cara of her provincial town in a statement chunky necklace or boho gilet. Whether in Belfast’s Victoria Square, the Trafford Centre in Manchester or a concession in a regional department store, Topshop was, for many young women, a beacon

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What to Expect at a Traditional Hawaiian Wedding

Is there a more romantic setting than a wedding in Hawaii? With its lush green landscapes, majestic volcanoes, golden sand beaches, and stunning sunsets, it offers the perfect backdrop to say “I do.” And in addition to its beauty, the island’s multi-cultural history influenced by Asian, Western, and Polynesian cultures also means Hawaiian weddings are full of rich traditions.

Many unique elements of a Hawaiian wedding pay homage to ancient Hawaiian traditions and celebrate the spirit of Aloha. From exchanging of the leis to the hula dance, learn about popular Hawaiian wedding traditions from planners Mina Brightman and Lorrie

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