30 Spring Clothing, Shoe, and Accessory Picks from Amazon

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Amazon’s Fresh Spring Fashion Picks include everything from denim shorts and breezy dresses to stylish sandals and colorful handbags. Keep scrolling through to check out all the trendy spring clothes, shoes, and accessories available this weekend.

“I love this dress so much, I bought it in five colors,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s comfortable, the V-neck is not too short/not too deep, the fabric is extremely soft (feels like cotton, but it’s ‘slinky’), and it’s not clingy. And the

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Spring fashion is a little bit of everything | Queenswide

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced a lot in our daily lives over the past year: the way we interact with others, the way we work and even the way we dress.

Fashion trends have completed a full pendulum swing in the year we’ve been locked up and shuttered up. Muted colors and minimalistic patterns were trendy in the days before we were boarded up inside our homes, but now bright neons, flashy jewelry and commanding graphics are in style.

“Color and fashion have a lot to do with how we feel,” said Anna McFillin, a journalism and fashion studies student

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4 Spring Fashion Trends For Those Who Want to Kiss Comfort Goodbye

Pre-pandemic, the idea of “comfort dressing” never really crossed my mind. At the office, I’d always dress to impress, gravitating towards constricting trousers or blazers in which I could barely move my arms. After work, I’d then meet a few friends for happy hour drinks and slip into some Cuban heeled boots, tight pants, and a clingy top that would itch and scratch me all night. Ah, memories. Coming home, slightly buzzed from martinis—my arches aching from the boots that I stuffed my feet into—I’d have zero regrets about it all. I didn’t care because I looked

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Spring fashion tips set to suit all

by Charlie Gstalder and Griffin Brammer, Opinions & Editorials Editor and Staff Writer

Welcome back to this semester’s iteration of fashion tips, brought to you by Griffin Brammer and Charlie Gstalder. As a brief note before we begin, we are proponents of the belief that fashion should not be gendered. 

Wear what you want as long as you wear it with confidence and “it” isn’t plaid shorts. 


Photo courtesy of creativecommons.org

While the emergence of workwear within mainstream fashion circles has been largely derided by blue collar workers, workwear isn’t clocking out anytime soon. The combination of boxy cuts,

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7 Sophisticated Fashion Trends We’ll Be Wearing This Spring

I recently opened an email from fashion search engine Lyst denoting the rise of “Granny Chic,” a trend that encompasses popular items like loafers, pearls, and vests. Glancing down, I realized I just so happened to be wearing all three—which gave the email an added dose of credibility. These items often thought of as beloved by older generations lend an air of sophistication to our current ensembles. After spending a year in sweatpants, it seems only natural that we gravitate towards elevated items aboard the typical pendulum-like repercussions fashion is so known for. Now these simple pieces polish

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Brighten Your Days With These Feel-Good Accessories For Spring

Fashion is eager to dress up again. While athleisure wear, pajamas and lounge sets offer the utmost comfort and have evolved into legit sartorial pieces, nothing feels as civilized as real clothes. I’m talking about dresses, trousers, shoes and accessories—lots of it everyday. Now I’m as much a fan of wearing leggings all day

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