Fashion’s takeback programs are complex and growing in popularity

Circularity has become a buzzword in fashion over the last five years, with more brands introducing ways to extend the life of a product or turn it into something else after it’s been worn. Brands regularly publicize what is done with products after they’ve been collected. But less is known about the process of getting those used products out of customers’ hands and back to the brand — it isn’t easy.

The takeback program can take many forms. Brands including Patagonia, Eileen Fisher and Cuyana have various methods for collecting and processing products. For example, the products are obtained via read more

daVinci Payments’ 2021 “Dudes Go Shopping” Study Unveils Growing Preference for Mobile Shopping and Rebates Among Men

New study outlines men’s shopping and payment habits

daVinci Payments today released the 2021 edition of its national “Dudes Go Shopping” study, which examines male shopping habits, the avenues in which men shop and what influences their purchase decisions.

“Compared to our 2020 men’s shopping report, the way men shop has further accelerated to online and mobile avenues,” said Rodney Mason, daVinci Payments’ Chief Marketing Officer. “This makes it more crucial than ever for brands to offer best-in-market pricing and value options like rebates and loyalty programs to incentivize customers and ultimately drive repeat spend-back dollars.”

The top findings and

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Fashion Brands Face Growing Pressure to Pay Debts to Garment Factories

Last March, a catastrophe hit Asia’s garment-producing countries. Major fashion brands canceled orders worth more than $40 billion, citing COVID-induced store closures and a severely weakened retail market, but in the process destroying the livelihoods of millions of garment workers who already struggle to get by on poverty wages. 

Mostafiz Uddin, owner of a denim factory in Chattogram, Bangladesh, told journalist Elizabeth Cline that the mass cancellations amounted to a business crisis worse than the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka that killed 1,134 people in 2013. In Uddin’s case, he was stuck with hundreds of thousands of pairs of

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