Apple iPad Deal Hacks: How To Get A Discount On An iPad

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The word “iPad” has been synonymous with tablet since the original model, and for good reason. Over time Apple’s tablets have become slim, powerful machines with all-day battery life, great speakers, and a big beautiful screen.

If you’re thinking of picking one up, there are a few ways to avoid paying full price without jumping through a lot of hoops. Apple itself doesn’t hold sales, but you can

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7 of the Best Apple MacBook Air Accessories to Buy

The MacBook Air is a perfect travel laptop, but with a few key accessories, it can be the ultimate work-from-home computer, as well. The newest M1 MacBook Air starts at $999 and is a great option for most people to consider, even if you need speed. Apple‘s first laptop to use its own processors outperforms nearly all of its past professional computers and on top of it, still manages to get true, all-day battery life.

Whether you’re considering a MacBook Air purchase or already have one at home, a few problem-solving accessories are great to have on hand. From

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7 of the Best Apple MacBook Pro Accessories to Buy

Apple’s MacBook Pro is a sleek laptop that could use some equally as elegant accessories to protect it and keep it productive.

There are a few types of MacBook accessories that buyers tend to look at first, including ways to keep it looking as fresh and clean as it was out of the box. For that, a laptop sleeve is one of the best choices. It keeps the laptop safe from dings and dirt in a travel bag, but also just around the house. It’s a great accessory to start with. Whether it’s a new M1 MacBook Pro or not,

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Apple Is Cracking Down On Counterfeit iPhone Accessories

It’s no secret that official accessories tend to be priced much higher than third-party alternatives, but there is a certain peace of mind and almost a guarantee of sorts that it will work as intended. This is versus third-party unofficial accessories that might be cheap but might end up spoiling your device.

That being said, there are some who sell counterfeit products in which they bear the company’s brand but they aren’t actually real. Apple is facing such a problem with regards to iPhone accessories and now according to a report from Bloomberg, the company actually has a dedicated team

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Lifestyle Company Bucardo Launches Spring Collection Of Pocket Watch Accessories For The Apple Watch

The collection draws inspiration from the bold, sophisticated looks of the early and mid-twentieth century. Rolling effortless style and hip sophistication into one unmistakable contemporary look, Bucardo’s classic engraved pinstripe cover flips open to reveal the Apple Watch face. Accessories are constructed of stainless steel and available in three colorways: gold, silver and matte black.

Patented designs and technology developed in the USA enables seamless Apple Watch integration while providing optimal protection and a unique wearable alternative. The Pocket Watch slides easily into the

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Apple has Won a Patent for Smart Footwear Accessories that are used in context with playing VR Games


Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent that relates to smart footwear that includes an electromagnetic haptic output system having magnets in a sock or shoe. The new footwear is in context with VR Gaming accessories. The smart shoes or socks could provide users with various sensations on their feet, like hot or cold and much more, making the game evermore real.


Devices such as wearable devices sometimes incorporate haptic output components. Haptic output components may supply a user with haptic output while the user is interacting with software such as gaming software.


It can

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