In Canada, there’s just no escaping our temperamental climate. Whether you’re trekking the slushy city streets or posting up in a backcountry cabin, a reliable pair of winter boots is an essential seasonal investment. But often, functionality comes as the expense of style.

That’s where SOREL has elevated the footwear game. Rooted in quality craftsmanship, the brand is committed to designing fashionable footwear for unstoppable individuals. Think premium, waterproof leathers, top-of-the-line hardware and uncompromising construction that yields ultra-sleek silhouettes and fashion-forward styles. 

To illustrate just how well SOREL boots can fit into a chic winter wardrobe, we tapped cool-girl Canadian stylists Talia Brown Thall , Nadia Pizzimenti and Jo Jin to show us how they style their SOREL footwear—specifically, the Cate Lace Bootie, the Kinetic Caribou Boot and the Lennox Lace Boot from the brand’s Fall collection. These versatile boots are the ultimate everyday, wearable styles you need this season.

Read on for their tried-and-true advice for fashioning your own cold weather style approach.   


How did you style your SOREL boots in this look? 

Talia: “I’m really into creating monochromatic or tone-on-tone looks, which is why I played with a gorgeous brown coat to match my SOREL Cate Lace Booties. I find that it really ties everything together. I also kept it monochromatic with my skinny jeans, satchel bag and navy turtleneck—I wanted a warm, functional option that screams cozy. The result is a look that’s made for city strolling.” 

How would you describe your winter style approach? 

Talia: “Coats are my saving grace. A long winter coat and great pair of boots can camouflage anything from gym clothing to a onesie; it can even make an evening dress shine more. I’m also drawn to layers—lots of layers—because the weather is all over the place. I would rather be too warm than too cold: It’s easy to take something off, but hard to add on when you’re already out and about.

I’m a big fan of actually dressing for the weather. I’m the first person to tell you to put on those functional winter boots to play in the snow—there’s nothing worse than cold, wet feet. Find something you can walk a few blocks in and still feel stylish, like the Cate Lace Booties. That’s when you’ve won the winter day.”

What are your tips for making winter gear feel super stylish? 

Talia: “Add your personality through socks—I love polka dot, tie-dye and sparkly styles. If you’re styling your SOREL Cate Lace booties with cropped denim, a pair of thick socks helps fill the gap as well as adding a fun detail. And if you’re wearing skinny jeans and they’re a funny length, try tucking them into the boot or adding a cuff at the end.”

Nadia Pizzimenti


How did you style your SOREL boots in this look? 

Nadia: “I really wanted to play with the fashionable versus functional elements. I chose my graphic knit sweater because the organic lines in the print complement the wavy outsole of the SOREL Kinetic Caribou boots, while an oversized puffer really speaks to their utility element. And, of course, I paired the whole look with jeans because at the end of the day, I am a jeans girl through and through.”  

How would you describe your winter style approach? 

Nadia: “My approach to winter style is usually all about the coat and the footwear. At the end of the day, that’s all anyone really sees during the Canadian winter months. I like to invest in coats that stand out, whether that’s an unexpected colour, big volume or a cool pattern. When it comes to footwear, I love that function doesn’t have to come at the expense of style. Footwear can be warm and dry without looking bulky—of course, I like playing up the pieces in my wardrobe that have different textures and colours, just like the Kinetic Caribou boots. I think it’s important to still have a little fun with your wardrobe especially when it comes to dressing for those miserable winter weather days.”

What are your tips for making winter gear feel super stylish? 

Nadia: “I always suggest adding a hit of colour to your outerwear. If you don’t want to commit to colour on larger purchase items like a parka, you can also infuse colour into your accessories; colourful socks and bright, poppy toques come to mind. In terms of bottoms, I love playing with silhouettes that nod to the season’s must-have trends. Wide-leg pants, for instance, instantly up the style factor with footwear that has a bit of a platform or interesting tread, like the SOREL Kinetic Caribou boots. If you need some visual inspiration to get you started, check out what’s happening on the runways during the season and take note on how they’re being styled and work what you like into your winter style.”

Jo Jin


How did you style your SOREL boots in this look? 

Jo: “I was compelled to style my SOREL Lennox Lace Boots with my chambray button-down shirt and a vintage fair-isle cardigan that’s in a similar grey tone to the boots. This mix reminded me of Jenna Lyons’ fun approach to menswear-inspired dressing for women, plus her incredible layering and pattern-mixing skills. Bringing in my preference for big-time layering in the winter, I added another button-down shirt, then topped off the look with a pink-tinged, shaggy collared coat.” 

How would you describe your winter style approach? 

Jo: “I always stock my closet with key transitional pieces like button-downs and cardigans, so come winter, I can really play with layering. I also find my body temperature is always fluctuating so I want the flexibility to easily be able to take off layers to match the conditions. 

Waterproof boots are a must, too. Given my height—I’m 5’3″—I tend to reach for boots that are taller in length, like the SOREL Lennox Lace Boots, to stretch out my silhouette. With their subtly studded design detail, I find that these look chic with longer winter coats—it’s a clean, linear look.”

What are your tips for making winter gear feel super stylish? 

Jo: “Keep your winter gear clean! The upkeep can be challenging with the muddy, slushy snow and salt, but maintaining fresh footwear makes a huge difference in terms of your overall appearance. Investing in a quality pair of boots means they’ll last season after season, too. Also, try to colour-coordinate your outfits by sticking to a few hues in the same family, like I did with the grey tones of the Lennox Lace Boots. If you introduce too many colours, it could start to look a bit muddled. If your winter coat is dark, use a pop of colour to add a little excitement to your outfit.”

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