‘A new wave’: Kamala Harris elevates black designers on world stage | Fashion

In a year where the global fashion industry has faced its biggest ever racial reckoning Kamala Harris, the first black and south Asian vice-president, has elevated the names of black designers by wearing their clothes on the biggest public stage possible.

By wearing fashion labels Pyer Moss, Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson during last week’s inauguration events, Harris was aligning the new administration’s commitment to diversity with the fashion industry’s attempt to move past systemic, historic racism into a new era. A new era where designers of color get the same opportunities that their white counterparts have had

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6 Fashion Tips to Ensure you Look Stylish in 2021 | Info4u

As fashion trends has been thriving all these past years. Regardless of gender and age, Fashion is emerging as a powerful tool to feel empowered and confident. As 2020 has been very perturbing because of Covid-19, people have been very unsettled and limited to their homes under lock down. However, fashion is tenacious under every circumstance.

People are always on lookout for enlightening tips to stay up to date with latest Fashion Tips. So we are bringing an informative list of tips for you to glimmer with fashionable trends.

Rush down to our list and explore the secrets


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The Unwilling Fashion Photographer Who Excelled

Man Ray is today regarded as one of the most innovative photographers of the twentieth century. He reinvented solarization and further developed photograms, which he called “rayographs,” in reference to himself. He also pioneered fashion photography in the 1920s-1940 in Paris but did not want to be known as a “photographer.” He considered himself a painter and artist above all.

Man Ray and Fashion is an exhibition organized by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais and the City of Marseille, at Musée du Luxembourg, Paris. Man Ray is presented here in a new light as his

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Fashion Brands Face Growing Pressure to Pay Debts to Garment Factories

Last March, a catastrophe hit Asia’s garment-producing countries. Major fashion brands canceled orders worth more than $40 billion, citing COVID-induced store closures and a severely weakened retail market, but in the process destroying the livelihoods of millions of garment workers who already struggle to get by on poverty wages. 

Mostafiz Uddin, owner of a denim factory in Chattogram, Bangladesh, told journalist Elizabeth Cline that the mass cancellations amounted to a business crisis worse than the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka that killed 1,134 people in 2013. In Uddin’s case, he was stuck with hundreds of thousands of pairs of

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Topshop changed the fashion industry, but now it too has been left behind | Anna Cafolla | Opinion

When I was growing up in Belfast in the mid-00s, the recently opened Victoria Square shopping centre offered a trifecta of coolness to teenage girls: Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Hollister. While each store had its own appeal, the barometer of desire swung most often towards Topshop. The “Topshop Girl” was ahead of trends, easily cast as the Kate or Cara of her provincial town in a statement chunky necklace or boho gilet. Whether in Belfast’s Victoria Square, the Trafford Centre in Manchester or a concession in a regional department store, Topshop was, for many young women, a beacon

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High fashion comes home – The Hindu

As more designers turn their focus to interiors, offering everything from prototype houses to sumptuous décor, here are some names to track

Last year, as our homes ‘grew’ — the four walls accommodating an office, a classroom, a gym, a restaurant, a spa, a playground and more, to fit our needs during the pandemic — so did our desire to showcase it in the best light possible. Clothing purchases took a back seat as people browsed table settings, bedlinen, furniture and cutlery, often on the very same fashion websites. Think Gucci’s eclectic ‘Souvenir from Rome’ range, Missoni’s ‘Modern Iconic’, or

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