The Japanese designers building a more sustainable fashion industry

Written by Lena Vazifdar, CNN

In Japan, the term “mottainai” — loosely translated to “what a waste” — has deep roots. Originating from a Buddhist belief that every object has intrinsic value and should be utilized for its full life cycle, the credo has been threaded throughout national culture for centuries.

“Mottainai and handmade culture is everywhere in Japan,” said Kaoru Imajo, director of Japan Fashion Week Organization, said in an email. Sake lees (the residual yeast left over from the fermentation process), he points out, has long been used as a cooking ingredient, and discarded orange peels have been
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From Stevie Wonder to sunsets: this week’s fashion trends | Fashion

Going up

Thursday Release date of the new +J Jil Sander for Uniqlo collection. The last one had fashion insiders hitting ‘refresh’ for the puffers.

Adidas Sambas Because Frank Ocean says they’re back.

Puppets Shockingly, the Lou Reed puppet in the Liz Phair video is not giving us the heebie-jeebies.

Daisies Surprisingly versatile – on Holly Willoughby’s dress and Lazy Oaf’s shoes. ‘Pretty frock’ or ‘club kid’ vibe, it’s up to you.

‘It is what it is’ Due a comeback with the return of Love Island this summer.

Stevie Wonder circa 1974 Baker boy hat and shades.

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10 Best Fashion Movies to Watch in 2021

Rihanna at the Met Gala as seen in the film “First Monday in May”

What separates a fashion designer from a fashion icon? Is it work ethic, vision, legacy? Maybe it’s character or dedication. Whatever it is, we can’t get enough.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the world’s most famed fashion houses, take a look at this list of must-see fashion documentaries. See how these famous figures went from aspirations to domination, from taking a chance with fashion to becoming the face of fashion itself.

Dior, Valentino, Westwood, McQueen and more have all opened

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10 Summer 2021 Fashion Trends to Shop Now

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

If you’re pretty much over winter and the fact that it’s still super freezing out, you’re not alone. Even though it’s March and it’s slowly but surely getting warmer out (ugh, finally), we still have a few months to go until it’s officially summer. But you might already be on the hunt for all the bathing suits and summery dresses you’re going to be wearing once the weather is nothing but blue skies and sun. Hey, whatever gives you something to look forward to these days—go for it!

To help you out, we’ve gathered the

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Why high-end fashion rental should think size-inclusive

Some of these brands may be ready to respond. While Ganni declined to comment and House of Sunny and The Vampire’s Wife didn’t respond, Rixo expressed enthusiasm to meet demand for plus-size Rixo garments. “We’ve got a collaboration coming out in May, which goes up to size 24,” Orlagh McCloskey, co-founder, says. “I can’t say who it’s with yet, but I would imagine a lot of the dresses will be the kind of pieces that are in circulation [on rental platforms]. They’re very much our brand DNA — with the prints.” A rental partnership or platform is on the agenda,

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Can an end-to-end sustainability standard change fashion?

Allowing for subjectiveness in what counts as sustainable, though, raises questions across the board about standards. There’s tension over how and where synthetic fibres fit into a sustainable industry, if they do at all, for example. Cradle to Cradle’s certification encourages, to varying degrees depending on the level of certification, much greater use of recycled fibres, and the new rollout also strengthened criteria for addressing microfibre pollution. “Manufacturers of products [at high risk for microfibre and microplastic pollution] will have to commit to develop policy on the issue, develop a strategy for addressing it, and report on progress made,”

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