Stacey Abrams Wearing Plus-Size Brand Henning

Just imagine working in an industry that doesn’t accept you. That’s how former fashion editor and curve model Lauren Chan felt for nearly a decade. “I showed up to work everywhere from the Glamour offices to the set of the Today Show and fashion weeks around the world, and my smaller peers wore designer clothing, while I was relegated to cheap fast-fashion,” she says. Recognizing fashion’s size inclusivity problem and doing something about it was long overdue. Chan, who identifies as plus-size herself, blazed her own trail by walking the runway for Chromat — in a swimsuit, no less —

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Milan Fashion Week 2021: Fendi-Prada flaunt mens indoor wear, reversible coats

Comforting fabrics, bright colours, winter shorts and uninhibited movement are all on show at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, whose collections for autumn-winter 2021 have been kept behind closed doors this year by Covid-19.

With the Italian fashion capital again under lockdown and its luxury stores closed, designers couldn’t help but nod to the new normal of interactions at a distance.

One model lifted a telephone receiver in Ermenegildo Zegna’s video presentation, while Silvia Fendi announced herself with “Hello, it’s Silvia calling” in a voiceover to her own catwalk show.

For Tod’s, Italian actor Lorenzo Zurzolo left an answerphone message

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Edmonton fashion blogger featured in Vogue on sustainable, inclusive issues in industry

An Edmonton-based photographer and blogger has made it to the big leagues with it comes to the fashion industry: she’s been featured as a writer in Vogue.

Marielle Terhart, who is an Edmonton writer, photographer, and sustainable and inclusion fashion activist, said she’s been aiming to write for the world-famous magazine for some time.

“Everyone wants to get an article in Vogue, if you work in the fashion industry,” Terhart, who goes by the screen name Marielle Elizabeth online, said.

“I’ve been working in ethical and sustainable fashion, talking about the intersections between size inclusivity and the future

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Indian fashion designer Satya Paul dies aged 79 | Fashion

Satya Paul, the Indian fashion designer who invented the modern sari, has died at the age of 79. His son, Puneet Nanda, said in a Facebook post that the designer had suffered a stroke in early December from which he had not recovered.

Satya Paul designs at the Bridal Asia show in New Delhi, 2004. Photograph: Raveendran/AFP/Getty Images

Paul revolutionised the idea of the sari for Indian women, moving it beyond a utilitarian ethos. He used experimental touches like geometric patterns, and unexpected fabrics such as muga and tussar silks, chiffon and crepe, to revitalise the silhouette.

Paul also pioneered

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How To Quit Fast Fashion for Good

The MO of “fast fashion” brands is to mass-produce trendy designs at a low cost. While some brands are working on a greener selection, we know that greenwashing, waste, and human rights violations abound in the fashion industry.

Emma Mathews, founder of the sustainable British sock brand Socko and author of How to Quit Fast Fashion: 100 Expert Tips for a Sustainable Wardrobe advised us on how to take meaningful steps towards quitting fast fashion.

Learn the True Cost of Fast Fashion

Clothing is more than the sum of its materials. Behind every garment are people, water,

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Nurturing the Next Fashion Leaders

With the New York charity circuit on hiatus, here is how some philanthropists and society figures are spending their time and resources during the pandemic.

Age: 40

Occupation: fashion designer, artist, musician, entrepreneur

Favorite charities: Fashion Scholarship Fund; No Negativity

Where have you been sheltering?

I’ve been spending most of my time in my studio on the North Side of Chicago. Digital conferencing has had to replace flying all over the world, so I’ve created space where I can work on fashion, my artwork and my music — a multipurpose studio that I’ve come to love.

What does

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