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6:06am PDT, Apr 5, 2021

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A tribute to Y2K fashion

Mainstream teen pop culture of the 2000s was ruled by blonde, skinny white girls taking center stage in hot pink like Regina George, Elle Woods, Cher Horowitz, Sharpay Evans and Hannah Montana, to name a few. It has been 15 years since the latter show premiered, and Miley Cyrus posted a letter to Hannah that made me reflect on my Disney Channel-obsessed childhood. Like many elementary-age girls of the time, I was fixated: I watched every episode, belted every song and saw Miley in concert in 2009. As a kid, teenagers are the epitome of coolness: they ditch school and

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How it is that Amazon’s No. 1 wedding dress costs just $43

Move over Vera Wang, here comes Lalagen — the little-known company behind the most coveted wedding dress on Amazon. And it’s a warning shot across the bow of apparel retailers everywhere.

With wedding season around the corner, brides in search of the perfect gown may be wondering how Lalagen — an obscure dressmaker from China — has managed to produce the e-commerce giant’s No. 1 selling bridal gown for just $43.

The average US wedding dress costs $1,500, according to Vows magazine. And even brides looking for something less formal than a gown can expect to pay between $500

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Costly Mistakes People Make While Grocery Shopping

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If you want to save money on your food expenses, you’re better off preparing meals at home rather than dining out. But even if you’re buying most of your food at the grocery store, there’s a good chance you’re still spending more than necessary. That’s because you’re probably making mistakes while shopping at the supermarket. Find out which errors you’re making if you want to save more money on groceries.

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Last updated: Dec. 11, 2020

Checking price of item in supermarket aisle.

Checking price of item in

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New women’s clothing and accessories pop-up to open in the Moorhead Center Mall

Barb’s Basement Boutique, a women’s clothing and accessories shop, will open as a “pop-up” store by the mall’s food court, starting at noon on Wednesday, April 7.

Barb Schramm got it into her head to move her boutique from her basement to an empty store space while getting a haircut at Mane Impressions at the mall.

She thought the closing of the mall’s Christopher & Banks store presented an opportunity, “because I do have a lot of customers.”

Success at the recent Spring Variety Market cemented the decision.

“That was a big success for me. It said, yes there is

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Schweitzer: Gianforte needs to veto Russian-style legislation

I didn’t study political science in college. I’m a soil scientist. So when people sling political terms around, I have to look them up in Webster’s Dictionary.

Webster writes that “socialism is when government takes over the means of production”. Webster’s says that “crony capitalism” occurs when business thrives not because of risk, but because of a cozy nexus between the business and the political class to make money for the corrupt. Communism, like Russia, is a perfect blend of the two.

Why do we need to know these definitions?

Because the Montana Legislature is considering a couple of doozies.

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